Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wine Tasting Should be Called Wine Chugging

Temecula Valley is the wine country of Southern California. Southern California is one of the few areas outside of the real Mediterrenean to enjoy a Mediterrenean climate. The amount of rainfall we get could land us into the 'desert' category, but precipitation does not a climate make. The fact that almost all of the rainfall is in the very temperate winter makes the winter our growing season- something that makes this a region ideal for grape-growing and wine-making. Which in turn makes it ideal for fantastically fun wine-tasting tours that are both affordable and safe! Some of the wineries also boast hotels, spas, meeting areas, restaurants....all perfect for a weekend getaway that's not too far away. I'll be focusing on wine-tasting tours here, but for more destination info and gorgeous pics of other peoples' weddings, check out two of my favorites: Ponte Winery and South Coast Winery Resort and Spa

For our fantastically fun wine-tasting tour, we took The Grapeline-The Wine Country Shuttle which picked us up and dropped us off at the Embassy Suites on Rancho California Rd.

If we had thought harder about it, or had this fantastic blog to read when we were planning the excursion, we would have booked a room at the hotel for the evening after the wine tasting. Why do such a thing if you live right around the corner? Well, because "wine tasting" should really be called "wine chugging", and when you are done with your trip you will be in absolutely no condition whatsoever to be operating a motorized vehicle.

The shuttle was a great choice- all our tastings were included with our tickets....

plus a delicious picnic lunch (actually eaten at tables in an adorable gazeebo) at Wilson Creek Winery, home of the famous almond champagne,

not to mention we had a designated driver/tourguide who knew to take us to the Longshadow Ranch Winery for the live band that was playing that day.
Incidentally, our insurance guy, a native Temeculan, says he loves to go to this winery with his wife and daughter because it's so laid back and fun, and the kids love the horses.
There are about 30 other wineries in Temecula that I didn't mention in this post. Read some reviews, ogle some pics, and make a plan to come visit me in beautiful Temecula Valley Wine Country. You won't be disappointed!


RobinV said...

Um I think you forgot to mention how awesome and fun our tour guide Shannon was! Hello! She had everyone pole dancing by the end of the tour and told us if we drank fast we could make it to 5 winerys instead of 4. Now that's customer service!

dwija said...

You are totally right!!! I had forgotten her name (like I said, wine "tasting" will go to your head pretty fast!), but she was totally fantastic, and hot too...I mean, if there are any guys reading this blog, that's something you might be interested in, right? ;-)