Monday, August 4, 2008

How Living in Temecula Saves You Money : Part 2

WinCo Foods

Temecula is the land of a lot of things- wine, low humidity, beautiful views, wine (what? I like wine...), but what you'll also find is that it's the land of choices. Now I know it's hard to get excited about a post glorifying a grocery store, but when you're a mom on a budget, or just a girl who'd rather spend her hard earned cash on Juicy Couture than Juicy Juice, and the grocery store is where you're going to spend a big chunk of change, it's nice to know that you have some choices, and that one of them will save you oodles of dinero. If you want, go to Albertsons or Vons or Stater Brothers or Ralphs or Costco or Trader Joe's or Henry's....Temecula's got 'em all. But if you want amazing bargains every day, a fantastic selection of ethnic foods, and a vibe that says no-blowout-or-stilletos-required, all without needing membership, then hop on over to WinCo foods on the northwest corner of Margarita and Winchester.
Some of what you find will be your standard fare, albeit at crazy low prices, but you'll also find a super-duper bulk foods area, in-house deli meats and cheeses, a bakery, and a pizzaria. You'll also want to stock up on the boring-but-necessary things like toilet paper and goldfish crackers, because you'll find them there in ginormous packages, all at a bargain. My last trip set me back $105.64, but that included: wine, cat food, produce, pasta, breads, two gallons of milk, meats, dairy, an extra large pizza from the pizzaria, spices, baking ingredients....enough food to feed a family of 5 plus a cat for an entire week! I must warn you- there is no full-service going on here. If you want to knock 100 bucks off your monthly grocery bill, you're gonna have to work that ol' elbow. As in, bag your own groceries. Take them to your car yourself. Load them up yourself. Oh, and no credit cards! Debit is fine, and checks are a-okay, but your Delta Airlines Platinum Mastercard? Leave it home, darlin'. We're savin' money today!

WinCo Foods #56
40435 Winchester Rd.
Temecula, CA 92591


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Juicy Couture vs. Juicy Juice comparison! And totally true about WinCo. My fave value: micro-brews. The Pyramid Apricot Hefeweizen is only $6.49/6-pack, versus about $8 elsewhere.

dwija said...

Ooooh, good tip! I'll have to check those out. Have you tried the Tisdale wines they've had on sale for $1.98 for the last two weeks? We tried the Cabernet and the Shiraz and both were totally delish....especially for less than that Two-buck-Chuck swill over at T.J.'s!