Thursday, August 7, 2008

You'll Flip for DC Gymnastics and Tumbling

If you have kids, and I imagine you do if you've found your way to this blog or to Temecula in general, you know that skipping is better than walking, rolling is better than sitting, and that if you are gonna get on a couch, you might as flip over the back in order to get there. At least that's how it is in my house. Enter gymnastics, the sport that requires no equipment (for mom to buy, at least) and no sweating out in the hot summer sun. What you will get is a fun workout for your kids that builds muscle, endurance, and flexibility, all while providing a healthy boost to their self-esteem. There are some cities that don't have gymnastics academies. Temecula has two. After some tours and some trial classes, my girls decided to go with DC Gymnastics and Tumbling, also called Tumble Jungle. They loved the easy-going, fun, family atmosphere. They loved the openness of the gym itself. Mom loved that they didn't have to buy uniforms.

Started in 1990 by Dan and Carrie O'Neil, parents of three, the gym encourages each child to work at his or her own pace while also challenging them with hard work and discipline. And don't forget FUN! My girls always have so much fun at their classes, and the fact that Dan and Carrie have kids of their own is very apparent. They are always there, always pleasant, and when an instructor is out, Dan is quick to jump in and teach the class himself (my younger daughter had him for a couple of weeks. He is a hoot!). In addition to all the fun-ness though, this is also a serious gym. Once inside, you'll find:

4 sets of bars
40' tumble track
40 x 40 spring floor
60' rod floor
2 overhead spotting rigs
2- trampolines
foam pit
2- Zip lines
4- Trapezes
2-pommel horses
3 mushrooms
3 sets of rings
2 sets paralell bars
Jungle Island w/ a secret tunnel
Preschool gym with equipment ment for younger children

To a mom, that means you're not just paying for a glorified day at the park. To the kids, that means being at gymnastics is waaaaaay cooler than being at home. And don't forget Parent's Night Out twice a month and Play Gym once a week- alone time for mom and dad should never be underestimated ;-)

This summer, they held a totally optional but totally fun Summer Olympics Show. We didn't have to buy matching uniforms or come to evening rehearsals or hold a bake sale to raise funds. We just put on something that was red white and blue ( I bought their leotards on Ebay. Sweet!) and showed up for a good time. After a few hours of classic Americana music, totally adorable floor-routines, and some pretty impressive demonstrations by the performance team, all the kids were called up individually to receive their medals.

From the-little-gymnast-that-already-is to the-gymnast-who-wishes-she-could-be, there's something for everyone at Tumble Jungle...

....especially if that something is a really good time.

DC Gymnastics and Tumbling
Tumble Jungle
41735 Winchester Rd. Suite D
Temecula, CA 92590
Phone: (951) 296-0064
Fax: (951) 296-0066


Anonymous said...

Ooh-Ooh. excellent pics of the girls. Can't wait to check it out.
- Erica

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