Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Splurge Alert! Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

The thing that makes living on a budget bearable is knowing that every now and then, we're going to go out and do something totally fun and frivilous and costs too much, but, in terms of memories-made and bragging -rights-among-friends, is totally worth it. Today we did one of those somethings, and I'm happy to report that it was money well spent. The thing we did was to get uber-cute back-to-school haircuts at Sharkey's Cuts for Kids off of Overland Ave. Because it's a franchise, you get totally amazing decor and colors one would imagine would be way too much, but which turn out to be just enough to amaze the pants off girls who love it when things are way too much:
And because it's a franchise, you also get to support a local business owner who has always wanted to have her own place, but could never make it happen, and has finally made it happen, and you just can't wait to support her. Yeah, the whole franchise thing is a good deal.
A haircut at Sharkey's turned out to be way more than just a haircut (and we did get very good haircuts!), starting with our first surprise of the day: manicures!

Okay, well, they weren't full manicures, but that's probably a good thing, as the full deal requires one to sit still for an extended period of time. Not good if you're a kid receiving said service, and especially not good if you're the baby brother who's waiting for his sisters to engage in yet another girly-girl activity. Anyway, they picked their paint colors, sat on zebra striped seats in a hot pink room filled with the illustrious sounds of Hannah Montana surrounded by all manner of princess costume....and were in heaven. Then it was on to the main event, which naturally started with a full shampoo (notice the placement of the hand to insure the previously mentioned manicure remained in full view):Ooooh, before I forget....the sweet owner, whose name starts with a D, was insanely kind and, true story!, brewed a pot of coffee and served me a steaming cup as soon as this whole adventure started. Coffee! Freshly brewed! And served to me! A girl after my own heart.

Now onto the cut, speedy and precise. Flat screen T.V. anyone? Hannah Montana? Yes please, I'll take two.

Or if you have littler ones, let 'em choose their truck and enjoy some Noggin...they'll forget they're even getting a haircut at all! Of course, no haircut is really complete until you get your blowout (and glitter!), preferrably with the mostest funnest, cutest, stripiest blow-dryer ever!

Oh, oh, oh! And what does one do while one's sister is receiving her haircut? Why, one plays games on the American Girl website on a fabulous flat-screen Apple in the play room, that's what one does!

And finally, when you think it just can't get any better, you are ushered back into the amazingly pink room of manicure fame and instructed to choose your favorite feather boa (yes! A collection of different feather boas!).

Once you are suitably fanci-fied, D will take your picture in front of the mirrors-of-awesomeness, while you sit in the pink-director's-chair-of-coolness, wrapped, of course, in your favorite feather boa. And then she will print your photos and you can take them home with you so you can immediately show your friends, and then your friends can hound their mom to take them to the newly-found Most Fabulous Place on Earth: Sharkey's

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

41785 Nicole Lane

Temecula, California 92591

Phone: 951-699-0218


kelleyz3 said...

This place has gone down hill since this was posted. They aren't even there for scheduled appointments or birthday parties, refuse to return calls, etc... I reserved a party for my daughter and paid the deposit. Showed up 30 minutes early and no one was there. They have yet to return my calls except for one message from someone on behalf of the owner saying the were sending me a check and it should be here by Saturday... It's Thursday and I don't have a check. Very rude and unprofessional. The cuts are expensive and not so good. The owner does cut hair the best of the girls we've had haircuts from.

kelleyz3 said...
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