Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paradise Found

This unplanned blog has come to be due to my current obsession with looking at real-estate combined with my decidedly blockheaded opinion of maps- that opinion being that I don't need one. Fortunately for my children, this accidental adventure turned out to be a good one- one that we will go on again, for sure. You see, usually in the world of suburban living one must make choices. You can choose to live in a convenient location or you can choose to live in a beautiful location. You can have a huge-gantical lot OR you can be right around the corner from Ann Taylor Loft. You can't have both....or can you? In addition to my all my other flaws, I am definitely interested in having my cake and also eating it. I mean, who doesn't like cake? So for all you cake lovers out there, I present Via Norte, Temecula, CA a windy, hilly street with gorgeous views:
And beautiful homes with enormous yards you can really do something in. And by "something" I mean, like, ride horses. And by "enormous" I mean minimum half an acre....for the po' folk of that neighborhood:

On this street (and and any of its little, tiny side streets/driveways) you will find all sorts of houses: traditional, spanish style, adobe, ranch, colonial, a house that looks like it moved here from Plano, TX, a glorified lean-to....the list goes on and on. What you will not find is congestion or zero lot lines. And most importantly for this modified city girl, you can be at Trader Joe's in 8 minutes flat. BOOYAH!

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