Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Claim Jumper is Better than you Remember

As a server, it's hard to get excited about a mom with kids sitting at one of your tables. I know. I was a server. It's not that servers don't like kids or don't want some of their own, or dislike their moms or moms in general. No, the problem is that too many moms get really picky, order crazy things that aren't on the menu, complain about a lot of things, let their kids behave like hooligans, leave a gigantic mess in/on/around their table and then....they don't tip. I know. I was a server. Obviously I'm not one of those moms, but if you were a server and I walked in with my three kids and no hubby to be seen, you wouldn't know that, and you'd probably be prepared for the worst. If Rose, the sweet, capable, efficient server that we had on Monday at Claim Jumper, was prepared for the worst, I couldn't tell. All I saw was smiles and competence. And really good eye make-up.
Here's Rose

A little backstory as to why we were livin' like high rollers and going to Claim Jumper on a random Monday afternoon: the library!!! Yep, last week's certificate-for-reading was a free kid's plate from Claim Jumper. I took the kiddos on a weekday for lunch so we would avoid any potential wait. There is usually a wait at that restaurant, and now I know why. First of all, the view:

Here is the view from our table (the Temecula Duck Pond!)

And the decor is also a lot of fun for kids (and heck, I guess grown-ups too ;) ). My girls especially loved all the different light fixtures above the booths. Here's the one we got:

Then things got really good, because they put down a special little plastic table cover just for the baby and Rose asked if we would like the complimentary baby plate. True story! Of course, being thrifty and having a baby, I said "Sure!". It wasn't fancy or overly beautiful, but it was totally, exactly what babies like to eat. I mean, except for the parsley of course, which I did away with speedy-quick. And, um, did I mention it was freeeeeeeee? Here it is:

The girls chose the baby back ribs (I know, I know, high rollers....) and each got to choose two sides. That meant steak fries, apple slices with caramel dipping sauce, macaroni and cheese and shoestring fries with lots of salt and pepper. They also have yummy drink choices for kids, including strawberry lemonade- sounds delicious to me! Oh, and the drink lids stay on very, very well. I know. I dropped one on the floor. Not a drop was spilled! As for me, I got the "smallest" thing on the lunch menu, and it was still ENORMOUS. No one's going hungry if you go there, I can promise you that.

Now, I know you don't have to live in Temecula to go to Claim Jumper, but no other Claim Jumper overlooks the Temecula Duck Pond and has Rose available to provide efficient, genuine service. Oh, and let's not forget the free kid's meals courtesy of The Temecula Public Library. Yet another fine summer day made possible by the fact that we live in this great town. You know, I really do heart Temecula.

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