Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tex-mex meets Cali-mex...and they get along!

There's this thing that happens when a Texan moves to California, and it's not something you're ready for because you figure, well, it just makes sense that you'd be able to find mexican food here.  I know, I know- there are mexican joints everywhere.  The difference is that Cali-mex is a little crunchier, a little fruitier, a little more with the limes and a little less with the cheese.  Tex-mex has sour cream and shredded cheese, and portions so big you can share them with two of your kids and still be full.  For most Texans in SoCal, this is just something you're gonna have to get used to.  Not so if you live in Temecula, though!  Welcome to Rosas Cafe and Tortilla Factory, founded 25 years ago in San Angelo, TX, making fresh Tex-mex so fast you'll barely have time visit the salsa bar before they call your number.

Typical pseudo-mission style on the outside meets roomy loft on the inside, taking you by surprise, but in a good way.  The way that makes you glad you decided to give it a shot instead of going to In 'n Out....again.  

The decor is downright fun, with collections of all manner of spanishy-inspired and not-really-spanishy-at-all items hanging on and from every surface in the place.  From plates to vases to wooden parratos, your kids will get a kick out of this place even before they start eating.

Ah, but then the food will arrive (approximately 18 seconds after you order it), and I'm sure every member of the family will be pleased.  From freshly made tortillas, to healthy portions of both rice and beans, even the pickiest family members will have something to cheer about.

We orderd the chicken fajita platter that, apparently, is supposed to feed 2-3 people.  If you can only feed two people with this combo, then those people had better have just run a marathon.  We had no trouble filling our whole family to the gills with this plate, which included the rice and beans, sour cream, shredded cheese, guacamole, as much salsa/limes/cilantro/onions as our little hearts desired from the salsa bar, and an enormous stack of those freshly made tortillas.  Oh, and of course, the actual chicken.  We loved it, all three of the kids loved it, and our budget was a fan, too.  Feeding five people for $23 and not needing to drink water in order to do it?  Now that's my kind of lunch.

Rosas Cafe and Tortilla Factory
28134 Jefferson Ave.
(951) 506-5800

p.s. They have a drive-thru, too.  Sweet!


Stacy said...

For more great Mexican food at a great price, check out El Torito on Tuesdays for $.99 taco night. Also, El Ranchito does a $.99 cent Taco Tuesday (with coupon).

Ian said...

Stumbled upon this blog recently. I too am a transplant from Texas looking into buying in Temecula. 5 meals for under $30? Amazing!

dwija said...

In the interest of full-disclosure, I have to let you know that one of our 5 people is only 1 year old, so the amount of food he needs is pretty minimal, but still....definitely a great value!