Friday, October 24, 2008

Only One Week Left! Peltzer Pumpkin Patch = cheap fun

It's that time of year again- the leaves changing colors, the days getting cooler...oh wait, just kidding!  The palm trees are still green, and it's 95 degrees today, but a couple of weeks ago, we had a chilly snap so we loaded up the kiddos and scurried over to Peltzer Farms off of 
Rancho California Rd. for some cheap and easy fall-ish fun.  
The pumpkin area itself was smallish, but for us that was okay, because really the pumpkins are not the most interesting part of a pumpkin patch adventure anyway.  An awesome tortoise that you can really touch, on the other hand?  Now we're talkin'!
And don't forget the adorable oh-so-fat little goats.  You can buy food if you want them to eat out of your hands (maybe snacking all day isn't the best way to manage weight after all!), but we opted out of that portion of the excursion.  They didn't seem to mind.Then it's off to peruse the collection of authentic, restored John Deere tractors!  Even city kids who've never run across acres of open land have an innate appreciation for the fun that is a big 'ol tractor, no matte what their age.And last, but most certainly not least, what little girl would object to a totally safe, uneventful, sweet little pony ride?  No real little girl, I tell ya what!  Both of my mini-mes, who adored this part of the day, asked if there was a way that Roney and The-other-one-whose-name-escapes-me could pretty please come and live with us.  Ah, memories of my own youth!This irresponsible blogger apologizes for not having photos of the other fun activities at the farm, including a corn maze (my hair looked totally awful in the photo.  True story.  I won't post awful-hair pics- I just can't do it) that was actually a bit circuitous and exciting, pig racing (which we missed because we just had to do the corn maze again), and the picnic area (which I neglected to photograph because I was too busy enjoying my insanely decadent homemade-chili covered sausage with freshly chopped onion and cheese purchased there for the reasonable price of I-can't-remember).  And there are other things too, which I encourage you to discover for yourself by going to and perusing their lovely website.  Or, if you're in the neighborhood stop by yourself.  Your kids will thank you, and you'll love it too!

Peltzer Farms
39925 Calle Contento
Temecula, CA 92591
(951) 695-1115

Open daily 9am-8pm


Rob said...

Oh gosh...My little ones would absolutely love it there given its kinda hard here to see a goat and pony, much less a tractor! I'd also love it too cuz, well, its cheap! :p

The kids in the pix are adorable!

Your Temecula blog is awesome. It helps me be there before I actually get there, mahalo.

dwija said...

Thanks! I think the kids are pretty cute too, but I'm a little biased ;)

cathirb said...

Hey Dwija, great blog! We went there too the day before Halloween...such a nice spot for the kids, Ash and Mandy had a blast there too!
Your kiddos look so cute in your photos!